Please be notified that i'm not owner of news alloy project already since 2009. I do not have any control there and no contact with current owners. Please do not send me any request to remove your content.

its quite interesting how life goes and blog is almost dead. Not used at all. even no portfolio of myself. My life is so private so i cant even expose a bit of it. Researching new ideas become number one goal. Its changed a lot. I move to other country , experienced some encounters but still missing some goals in my life because of wrongly setup priorities. hope i will find a strength to trick them and quit bad habit of wasting lifetime to nothing.

its a long time i wasn't writing anything and today decided to do some cleanup - upgraded WordPress, installed new theme (Tiny Forge), approved old comments. Hope will be posting more interesting stuff here soon. I have tons of new and interesting code examples and products but need time to pack and document everything.

No i'm very interested in WordPress/Joomla security topics.