Newstrack product

I’m pleased to announce close release date of one of my most popular products – Newstrack.

Newstrack is a system for feed crawling (engine that is used in NewsAlloy 2) and content reexport to external blogs. Easy setup and maintenece as release will be delivered as wordpress plugin!

Project is commercial and price will be announced in furthcoming weeks. All i need to do is to complete product documentation.

Some testimonials.

After starting 6 blogs on July on blogspot that is filled with newstrack my earnings in Adsense increased in 3.5 times (Was ~ 200 USD/month. Now they are reached ~ 750 USD/mo and keeps growing). So after installing this system in July i earned as low as $2100 USD. And ernings keeps growing. Now average income from Newstrack is about 600 USD /Mo.

News Alloy

PS. News Alloy 2 release is delayed as i focused on getting good income streams to fund development. Still no investors or purchasers. However i’m going to sell News Alloy via closed auction (not ebay). Price won’t be high.

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