Zend Decoder Protection

As you probably know (if you are experienced PHP coder) there are several products over the net that helps to protect your code from being reverse engineered. Most of this solutions cost money, some are free. However its all known fact that this code could be easily reverse engineered. Recently i downloaded utility called dezend which perfectly decrypts most of the zend protected files. Obviously they are not pure original code but enough to make script nulled i e remove checks, licensing etc. Same situation will affect IonCube and other protectors. There are some rumors telling that IonCube are cracked as well.

So what to do will you ask? Make files extra protected will be my reply.

Some tips:

  1. Encode multipass – i e if you are coder you can run zend/ioncube/etc several times ove the same code. (its possible via include)
  2. Use wide technologies to encode code over itself (ie base64_encode, eval)

Finally your code will look like:

<?php eval(base64_decode('Y2xhcGZmMjM4IHsgZnVuY3Rpb24gXzlmMjhkNTI1')); ?>

and you can protect it again.

Of course thsi post is not an explanation, however i’ll keep working on this and if you are interested to see more results please let me know.

i can run my experimntal recoders on your files so you may see what it look like.

PS Please note that expereinced hacker wil break it anyway – but you will be protected from dummy lamerz who may download such utilities and then publish your nulled software. Professional hacker will ask money for it and untill this amount will be higher than price of your software – you’l be safe.

PPS i keep researching on how to make protection even harder

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  1. Aftab Bharmal


    i have dezend but i dont know how to use it . either to decode files

    can u help me out.


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