Post Corrector Plugin

  • Allows to enable automatic category guessing. If you have many categories or you are posting remotely - greatly eases category assignments;
  • Allows Bulk Categories Creation - just enter Categories in Text Area and all of them will be created in a bulk.
  • Automatic Keyword Linking - Ideal for PPC programs - enter keywords you'd like to hyperlink in all posts and thats all.
  • Append and prepend certain html codes to single posts - no need to alter themes if you just want to add some Adsense codes.


1) Simply copy to your wp-content/plugins directory then go to Plugins Section in WP Admin and enable plugin.
2) Proceed to Options -> Post Corrector and Auto Keywords pages. Manage -> Bulk Create Categories to create categories in bulk.


Don't forget to check periodically for updates here at


Download Post Corrector Plugin (897) - 5.18 KB

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9 thoughts on “Post Corrector Plugin

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  3. AxYoung

    Can you use this to edit post authors too?

    In other words, I have a whole group of posts that I would like to have associated with a different author...

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