Post Corrector wordpress plugin update

New features:

Mass category creation. Now when you click Bulk Create Categories you may enter full category path.


Arts & Entertainment/Celebrities
Arts & Entertainment/Humanities
Finance/Mutual Funds
Finance/Personal Finance
Finance/Real Estate


This will create root categories Finance and subcategories Real Estate, Personal Finance and Mutual Funds.

Download Post Corrector v 1.3

I used this to create all categories for the site in a seconds. Download sample file containing full categories structure of article directories suitable for Post Corrector.

25 thoughts on “Post Corrector wordpress plugin update

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  2. Jeliteng

    it's very helpfull plugin...
    this plugin save my time to add bulk categories...
    thanks for creating this plugin...!

    I've tried this plugin at wp. 2.9.2 it work perfectly. but, this plugin not work at wordpress 3.0.

    I'm waiting for update for this plugin...


  3. Jeliteng

    oh no...
    on yes....

    sorry for this...

    I've try to edit your plugin 😀

    I try to edit line 366

    so, now this plugin can 'show his action' in wp 3.0... 😀

  4. Max

    Hi Jeliteng. I was having problems using the plugin with Worpress 3.0.1. Could you explain just a little more what you did to get the plugin to work with wp 3.0. What was the original code and what did you replace it with? Can anybody else help?


  5. Hey can you get this thing to work on wordpress 3.0.1. Any help would be appreciated. This is exactly what I need to import hundreds of categories. Please help. Thank you for your time.

    I am getting the error that you do not have permission to access this page when I install the plugin and try to run it.

  6. Dave

    Ive been looking for something like this forever and only just come across it. Just tried to use it on 3.0.1 but its not letting me submit. It only seems to process the first category listed.

    I tried changing line 366 as Jeliteng done above but it just throws errors for me. Do you have any ideas how I can get this working as it would be so useful.


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  8. Anujj

    Can you tell me how I can use this outside wordpress? I mean programmatically. Tell me which files I will need to include. like config files of wordpress and I think I will need to remove some extra codes to get this working outside wordpress. I am developing some kind of auto poster. If I can add Auto categories in it, its gonna be great! Please reply at my email also.

  9. Markos

    Thanks a lot for this plugin but unfortunately it didn't work on 3.0.4, Plus I got a fatal error with Jeliteng's fix. Unexpected "=" on line 366.

  10. Hi all,
    I had installed the plugin Post corrector. But when I've tried to create the bulk categories, it responded "Error 404 - Not Found".

    Kindly help me in this regards.

  11. This is a great plugin, thanks!

    Regards the issue of it not working in 3.0.1 and above, there is a work around:

    1) Apply change to line 366 as per Jeliteng's comment above
    2) Bulk Create Categories
    3) Edit and save any category

    1 and 2 above will create the categories for you, but does not seem to set the relationship between parent and child categories for whatever reason. The data all looks correct, not sure what the issue is... but a simple edit and save of any category seems to restore order on the site!

    Thanks once more!

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