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Nice golf shot :) last moments of webcamera’s life

August 29th, 2008 by lordtime


Dell XPS M1530

August 12th, 2008 by lordtime

Its already one week i work on my new Dell XPS M1530 laptop. Kinda fast laptop: T8300, 4Gb RAM, 300Gb HDD (7200 rpm),GeForce 8600 GT, SBAudigy, 15,4″ Glossy LCD, Webcam and fingerprint reader. Sounds like a gaming Laptop but i bought it for the development purposes. I ordered it at Dell‘s site (paid with Payoneer debit card, despite Dell doesn’t allows you to pay with a Card with other than US origin but my trick is worked out – i specified other than CC’s billing address and it worked out :) ) and it was shipped in a three weeks. Then friend of mine brought it to me here in Ukraine.

Cons: Looks like a great deal. $1836 USD here will cost 2 times more. comparably light and flat, nice and bright glossy screen 1440×960. Once i plugged in my big Samsung 2206BW via HDMI it immediately established its native 1600×1050 so no need to even think about it. Crystal clear sound (yes it comes with Creative Audigy) nice look and feel (!), Excellent performance

Pros: found one ded pixel on the screen center but its visible only on black colors so most of the time i do not see it at all. Some Laptop parts are not smooth and some parts may not stick ideally. its only when you know where to look at :)

So generally its my first laptop and i’m happy with it. i hope it will replace my desktop which is quite critical for me as i have to work at home and everywhere its possible. Performance is great and i hope that i will quickly get adapted to laptop’s keyboard after big one from desktop :)

Conclusion: highly recommended for its ideal price/performance level :) especially if you live in US

When i tried to reinstall Vista i installed Dell drivers and got everyday popping up message saying that Bluetooth can’t start BT Stack service. So when installing Vista i will highly recommend you first to do Windows update – Vista will determine and download almost all needed drivers from Windows Update , and only then install some Audigy, Wi-Fi and networking drivers from Dell CD. If you will install all software that comes on DELL’s DVDs even such a fast laptop will be crawling like a turtle, so don’t do this. Be kinda smart :)

Vista the best OS i ever seen and used, and don’t blame me MAC users, i will never switch to MAC :) . Keep in mind its an oppinion from experienced sysadmin fro both Windows and Unix based OSes