Finally i'm ready to show up some preview of my WordPress Affiliate Plugin

Click here to obtain access to demo

Register and log in

When registered go to ExtProd top menu and check plugin features - all changes are reflected immediately on the main demo blog page. Manual is coming next week but its really to deal with it even without it!

Currently we support 3 affiliate programs and going to add more and more in nearest weeks. They are

Plugin is easy to setup and run - all you need is your own hosted wordpress blog.

  • You can easily import products and offered categories structure in a minutes (Turnkey solution)
  • Plugin tracks all clicks to partner links so you may easily track your visitors
  • Unlimited Multi tier Categories and Category classes
  • Affordable price which will include unlimited free upgrades for the next 6 months (new parters, new functionality). No monthly fees! Just buy and use

Actually launch next week.


New features:

Mass category creation. Now when you click Bulk Create Categories you may enter full category path.


Arts & Entertainment/Celebrities
Arts & Entertainment/Humanities
Finance/Mutual Funds
Finance/Personal Finance
Finance/Real Estate


This will create root categories Finance and subcategories Real Estate, Personal Finance and Mutual Funds.

Download Post Corrector v 1.3

I used this to create all categories for the site in a seconds. Download sample file containing full categories structure of article directories suitable for Post Corrector.

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Just moved it here to my new server (this server is used to host all my blogs and heavy projects)

Its fantastic speed = 6000 feeds are processed in 9 minutes. However if no sale deal will be made i'm going to keep it up and migrate whole project to newstrack (english name wptrack)? concept - paid automated reblogging service. I hope June will bring more light to this.

Added ability to add custom post perpend and append codes on single posts and on first N posts within the loop (just like with so now You may easily build custom adsesne blocks. Also added feature to add custom footer and header (nothing new but just all in one plugin functionality). Please report any bugs or considerations bout this plugin.

Download updated version


  • Allows to enable automatic category guessing. If you have many categories or you are posting remotely - greatly eases category assignments;
  • Allows Bulk Categories Creation - just enter Categories in Text Area and all of them will be created in a bulk.
  • Automatic Keyword Linking - Ideal for PPC programs - enter keywords you'd like to hyperlink in all posts and thats all.
  • Append and prepend certain html codes to single posts - no need to alter themes if you just want to add some Adsense codes.


1) Simply copy to your wp-content/plugins directory then go to Plugins Section in WP Admin and enable plugin.
2) Proceed to Options -> Post Corrector and Auto Keywords pages. Manage -> Bulk Create Categories to create categories in bulk.


Don't forget to check periodically for updates here at


Download Post Corrector Plugin (897) - 5.18 KB

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I?m proud to present new WordPress Theme inspired by PressRow

New theme has slightly modified design and Widgets support (missing on original theme). It has top Peugeot 308 images to reflect new breathe of this nice theme.

Below is a screenshot:

Download PressRow Tribute to Peugeot WordPress Theme (295) - 132.17 KB

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I’m proud to announce opening of my new website in blogforward network – Mobile Toys. The site is aimed to provide its users recent up to date news about cell phone/gadget releases and give full access to directory of the cell phones available on the market. All users are free to leave any comments about phones they like/use.

Currently i’m are gathering affiliate information to provide more details and information about best prices available for the corresponding phones. If you want us to become your affiliate - please contact us via email/skype. Your link will be placed next to each phone in our database as buy here.

I hope you like my initiative and will let me know what else you’d consider to obtain from Mobile Toys

Site is built on WordPress with custom product database plugin, that wil be available soon as a commercial wordpress plugin.

Folks, please accept new version of my old but useful wordpress plugin – Image Gallery Post Generator

New version supports:

  • Add images as attachments (so they can be resued)
  • Fixed some silly bugs (page/post selector)
  • More image generation options (no text, exif support, etc)

General improvement is a support of image attachments whcih makes this plugin really usefull when you want to publish your own set of images withiut using third party hosting services just using wordpress.

Download recent version


I’m pleased to announce close release date of one of my most popular products – Newstrack.

Newstrack is a system for feed crawling (engine that is used in NewsAlloy 2) and content reexport to external blogs. Easy setup and maintenece as release will be delivered as wordpress plugin!

Project is commercial and price will be announced in furthcoming weeks. All i need to do is to complete product documentation.

Some testimonials.

After starting 6 blogs on July on blogspot that is filled with newstrack my earnings in Adsense increased in 3.5 times (Was ~ 200 USD/month. Now they are reached ~ 750 USD/mo and keeps growing). So after installing this system in July i earned as low as $2100 USD. And ernings keeps growing. Now average income from Newstrack is about 600 USD /Mo.

News Alloy

PS. News Alloy 2 release is delayed as i focused on getting good income streams to fund development. Still no investors or purchasers. However i’m going to sell News Alloy via closed auction (not ebay). Price won’t be high.