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When people have acne, the first place they want to go to is the dermatologist or the doctor. Unfortunately, visiting the doctor never really helps get rid of the acne because the remedies or solutions often recommended by the dermatologists are usually therapeutic, not curative. That’s why you’ll find that after a course of drugs like Isotretinoin, the pimples come back. The reasons for this are obvious and they include:

Side Effects are Virtually Absent

Herbal acne cures like FitoDerm hardly ever get complained about. Unlike most medical acne treatment solutions, pills or supplements like isotretinoin, herbal acne supplements can be taken without the fear of any side effects. This is because of their organic nature. FitoDerm contains a mixture of mostly plant extracts that are absorbed by the body leaving to little or no residues.

This is mostly as a result of their organic nature. On the other hand, side effects are often abundant in cases of medical acne drugs like isotretinoin. For example, people who are pregnant are not advised to use isotretinoin because it is deemed dangerous for the fetus. Unfortunately, pregnancy sometimes triggers acne. Does that mean that a pregnant woman should stop looking her pretty and radiant self just because she’s pregnant!?

Other common side effects include dry skin, depression, inflammation of the eyes, skin infections, peeling skin – rarely happens - hearing impairment, swelling of the brain among many other terrible side effects.

Thankfully, drugs like this which were the main constituent of Accutane and other related drugs have been pulled off the market and are probably available under the strictest of supervisions by a doctor.

Herbal Acne Treatment Supplements Carries Out Total Body Healing

Unlike isotretinoin that consistently leaves you looking for substitutes, FitoDerm contains just about everything you need. The ingredients include plant extracts that not only take care of your externals, they also take care of your whole body system. This is the secret behind the effectiveness of herbal acne cure products like FitoDerm.

For instance, Emblica officinalis takes care of things like constipation, blood purification and aids digestion. While Rubia cordifolia helps quicken the healing of tissues and regeneration of cells. While these may not seem very obvious, blood impurities and toxins in the blood can cause the body to react violently with acne as a symptom. Not just that, the tissue healing and cell regeneration helps fade off scars.

So, you see the correlation. When thinking of acne treatment, please think herbal acne cures like FitoDerm first and you will never regret it.

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