I know I haven't paid much attention to my blog recently and need to use it. So expect some good reviews and articles very soon. and i will be focusing on various reviews. This domain should very good for this as its 10 years old 🙂

Just reopened few new websites

What is the difference ?

Search among paid links gives you the most targeted traffic opposite to normal search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo). There you see only those sites that are highly rlevant to your search query and this is the main benefit. So why no to try ?

Well the headline explains the main update - We added support for the Amazon locales
Another valuable addition is a blank translation po file so you may easily translate plugin to your language. Currently we offer only Russian translation (as i do not speak any other than Russian, English and Ukrainian languages )

if you feel you need more amazon locales - feel free to upgrade, there is no bugfixes as no more bugs was reported since latest release

In this version: Amazon made friendly with wide selection of options in import, many improvements on russian based affiliate networks.

Coming Soon: Dump store as wordpress posts

Plugin becoming mre and more popular (not so much but getting slowly), funny thing that i have 2 times more customers from Russia/Ukraine than from Western countries.? Seems like they prefer to use something more expensive 🙁

I'm open to any requests on Plugin improvements! Plugin Page.

I write quite rare (quite busy with my work and i'm glad about it 🙂 ),? However according to several requests Affiliate Store plugin was updated with the following:

More partner programs added (russian ones)

Added SEO optimized page titles, numbers in categories are moved out from hyperlinks, added more customization on page titles, fast localization and text replacements. You always can check the latest features descriptions and try the demo here

I'm pleased to announce immediate release of our Affiliate Store WordPress Plugin

We added full support of Wordress Mu blogs, so being installed once you may create dozens of fully independednt stores on the top of the same WordPress installation!

Fixed netshops affiliates import module (as they moved to pepperjam)

Next urgent plans:

Today added support for the following programs

First one is a Russian beauty shop and other one is a good British Affiliate Site.

This both was added as per our customers requests absolutely for free.? Both programs are available at the demo page (you need to login to try it).

We also added quick localization features so you may customize each text used within the plugin.