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its quite interesting how life goes and blog is almost dead. Not used at all. even no portfolio of myself. My life is so private so i cant even expose a bit of it. Researching new ideas become number one goal. Its changed a lot. I move to other country , experienced some encounters but still missing some goals in my life because of wrongly setup priorities. hope i will find a strength to trick them and quit bad habit of wasting lifetime to nothing.

its a long time i wasn't writing anything and today decided to do some cleanup - upgraded WordPress, installed new theme (Tiny Forge), approved old comments. Hope will be posting more interesting stuff here soon. I have tons of new and interesting code examples and products but need time to pack and document everything.

No i'm very interested in WordPress/Joomla security topics.

Its already one week i work on my new Dell XPS M1530 laptop. Kinda fast laptop: T8300, 4Gb RAM, 300Gb HDD (7200 rpm),GeForce 8600 GT, SBAudigy, 15,4" Glossy LCD, Webcam and fingerprint reader. Sounds like a gaming Laptop but i bought it for the development purposes. I ordered it at Dell's site (paid with Payoneer debit card, despite Dell doesn't allows you to pay with a Card with other than US origin but my trick is worked out - i specified other than CC's billing address and it worked out :)) and it was shipped in a three weeks. Then friend of mine brought it to me here in Ukraine.

Cons: Looks like a great deal. $1836 USD here will cost 2 times more. comparably light and flat, nice and bright glossy screen 1440x960. Once i plugged in my big Samsung 2206BW via HDMI it immediately established its native 1600x1050 so no need to even think about it. Crystal clear sound (yes it comes with Creative Audigy) nice look and feel (!), Excellent performance

Pros: found one ded pixel on the screen center but its visible only on black colors so most of the time i do not see it at all. Some Laptop parts are not smooth and some parts may not stick ideally. its only when you know where to look at 🙂

So generally its my first laptop and i'm happy with it. i hope it will replace my desktop which is quite critical for me as i have to work at home and everywhere its possible. Performance is great and i hope that i will quickly get adapted to laptop's keyboard after big one from desktop 🙂

Conclusion: highly recommended for its ideal price/performance level 🙂 especially if you live in US

When i tried to reinstall Vista i installed Dell drivers and got everyday popping up message saying that Bluetooth can't start BT Stack service. So when installing Vista i will highly recommend you first to do Windows update - Vista will determine and download almost all needed drivers from Windows Update , and only then install some Audigy, Wi-Fi and networking drivers from Dell CD. If you will install all software that comes on DELL's DVDs even such a fast laptop will be crawling like a turtle, so don't do this. Be kinda smart 🙂

Vista the best OS i ever seen and used, and don't blame me MAC users, i will never switch to MAC 🙂 . Keep in mind its an oppinion from experienced sysadmin fro both Windows and Unix based OSes

Next 3 weeks i'll spend in Sydney. Its second time i come here. Previous trip was in March of the this year. This company trip going to be hardworking. We need a lot of things to do - VoIP setup, Linux Router configurations and many more. However its going to be fun as well. My task number one is to setup load balancing and backup links with BGP on autonomous system. I'm about to store this useful experience in my head for future 🙂

If anything interesting happens worth to know i'll definitely share it 🙂

After months of sleeping i decided to go on doing my blog.

My wide experience and good coder's reputation, ultimate achievements with SEO and Adsense makes me happy and i decided to share some interesting techniques and things i know. So You are all welcome here for my experience. I will not blog too frequently but only when its sufficient and interesting. Also going to continue wordpress plugins development.

Also i can blog upon demand. Drop me a question if you want to know something extra among PHP, WordPress, SEO and Ways of making money in internet, I'll Keep You posted 🙂