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it was a long time ago i was writing here, may be just posting links and pics and its hard.. now we read all our news in facebook or feed readers and blogs are passing by. Possibly I dont even know if i need this, may be just as portfolio? nope. keep posing fun galleries ? may be. noone knows the answer

click to see actual image - got message that i haven't advertised for a while. never see such "reminders" from google. nice it or not you decide

It is highly recommended to read the following article if you somehow concerned about your healthcare in USA/UK

just cleaned up some tricky links on my site. really started to think more attentively about my sites.

Started to slowly move out my domains out of godaddy. these bastards blocked some of my domains saying that they are suspicious and then demanding $75 for unblocking . really "reliable" registrar. I suggest to stay away from them. this is so called american company and american democracy - if you under suspicion you must always pay some fees.

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