If you like theme of this site you can download it for free and use on your blogs. Please cehck usage conditions on the product page.

Our theme was declined from wordpress theme directory but i think only one reason was is just no prescription pharmacy link at the bottom 🙂

In this version: Amazon made friendly with wide selection of options in import, many improvements on russian based affiliate networks.

Coming Soon: Dump store as wordpress posts

Plugin becoming mre and more popular (not so much but getting slowly), funny thing that i have 2 times more customers from Russia/Ukraine than from Western countries.? Seems like they prefer to use something more expensive 🙁

I'm open to any requests on Plugin improvements! Plugin Page.

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I'm glad to announce immediate availability of a slightly redesigned wordpress theme gluttony: Gluttony Wide

Click here to see it in action : Gamenator: gaming blog

This theme was originally made by Small Potato

What i did: Changed width of the theme (added 150 pixels), changed top layout to host 728x90 adsense banner. This Theme will ideally suit for Affiliate Store Plugin driven Blogs.

You are free to use it wherever you want but keep links in footer untouched

I'm pleased to announce immediate release of our Affiliate Store WordPress Plugin

We added full support of Wordress Mu blogs, so being installed once you may create dozens of fully independednt stores on the top of the same WordPress installation!

Fixed netshops affiliates import module (as they moved to pepperjam)

Next urgent plans:

Finally i'm ready to show up some preview of my WordPress Affiliate Plugin

Click here to obtain access to demo

Register and log in

When registered go to ExtProd top menu and check plugin features - all changes are reflected immediately on the main demo blog page. Manual is coming next week but its really to deal with it even without it!

Currently we support 3 affiliate programs and going to add more and more in nearest weeks. They are

Plugin is easy to setup and run - all you need is your own hosted wordpress blog.

  • You can easily import products and offered categories structure in a minutes (Turnkey solution)
  • Plugin tracks all clicks to partner links so you may easily track your visitors
  • Unlimited Multi tier Categories and Category classes
  • Affordable price which will include unlimited free upgrades for the next 6 months (new parters, new functionality). No monthly fees! Just buy and use

Actually launch next week.


New features:

Mass category creation. Now when you click Bulk Create Categories you may enter full category path.


Arts & Entertainment/Celebrities
Arts & Entertainment/Humanities
Finance/Mutual Funds
Finance/Personal Finance
Finance/Real Estate


This will create root categories Finance and subcategories Real Estate, Personal Finance and Mutual Funds.

Download Post Corrector v 1.3

I used this to create all categories for the site www.newsenger.com in a seconds. Download sample file containing full categories structure of article directories suitable for Post Corrector.


I’m pleased to announce immediate release of new WordPress theme based on famous Kubrick and inspired by new Scoble theme – VIP Mate (actually theme css was ripped from it)

Benefits: Fast, Light, Middle size fonts, Easy reading, ideal for MFA Blogs or regular blogs. Has embedded Adsense Sidebar Widget – all you need is to enter your Publisher ID.

Later i’m going to release some other similar themes with other colors. Feel free to use and distribute it but please retian my credits in footer.

Demo Website: Home Repair & Improvement Blog

Download VIP Mate

Added ability to add custom post perpend and append codes on single posts and on first N posts within the loop (just like with blogger.com) so now You may easily build custom adsesne blocks. Also added feature to add custom footer and header (nothing new but just all in one plugin functionality). Please report any bugs or considerations bout this plugin.

Download updated version