just cleaned up some tricky links on my site. really started to think more attentively about my sites.

Started to slowly move out my domains out of godaddy. these bastards blocked some of my domains saying that they are suspicious and then demanding $75 for unblocking . really "reliable" registrar. I suggest to stay away from them. this is so called american company and american democracy - if you under suspicion you must always pay some fees.

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just installed upaded FF 3.6 - after 5 mins of working it consumes 100% of cpu and i have to kill it. after 5 cases i reinstalled 3.5.7 back. this release is not for me.

Conclusion: stay away from Firefox 3.6. actual trend - firefox is becoming more and more buggy 🙁

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The news is as follows: Affiliate Store Plugin will be discontinued

if you want to buy a source you are still free to contact me. All existing customers may ask for a full source code version.

The reason is - i'm completely busy with other activities and have no intention for such developments, However i will keep releasing original wordpress themes and plugins

When i went to getfirefox.com and was redirected to www.mozilla.com i got this - Http/1.1 Service Unavailable

People are in high expectations of new Firefox 3.5 🙂 Mozilla is overloaded.

Sad story about MSIE - today i was performing financial transaction on a merchant and after i pushed submit (with all my CC data) MISE crashed. fcuk it! luckily it crashed after request was sent so transaction completed sucessfully (i received email). People avoid MSIE as much as you can!