Fluid Red WordPress Theme

This theme is a direct descendant from Fluid Blue WordPress theme created by Srini G

The main difference is that this theme is Red colored with some Gradient background (See Example: Banking & Financing News )

Second improvement it has embedded Adsense Code optimized for performance (tested on my several blogs)


Download Fluid Red


  • Extract the fluid-red.zip file in a convenient location and copy the 'fluid-red' folder to '<your-blog-url>/wp-content/themes/' directory in your web server.
  • Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels.
  • Select the 'Presentation' subpanel.
  • From the 'Select' column in the table, select 'Fluid Red 1.5.1'.
  • Click 'View Site' at the top of the Panel's screen. Your selection should immediately become active.
  • To ajust your adsense ID open functions.php and ajust this variable: GLOBALS['adsense_id'] = 'pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXX';

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